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Botox , Dysport, Xeomin - are all neuromodulators created equal?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Botox, dysport, xeomin are all botulinum toxins, also known as Neuromodulators. Neuromodulators inhibit the release of acetylcholine, which is responsible for the contraction of your muscles. Neuromodulators are used to temporarily inhibit the contraction of treated muscles. Lets take a look at how these FDA approved products differ.

Botox, the old reliable, was created by the company Allergan has been around for many years. It is the most well known and widely used neuromodulador in the US. It has a precise spread where injected, 1cm from the injection site. Botox can take up to two weeks to see the full effect, peaking in 6 weeks and slowly trickling down after that, and lasting an average of 3-6 months.

Dysport, a trusty partner, is a very similar product. It has a very similar make up to botox, and has a slightly larger spread. This can be preferred in patients with experienced injectors. Dysport has about 1/3 the strength of botox, requiring three times the dosage. This is not a big deal, as it is priced accordingly. Dysport has a quicker onset of 2-3 days

Xeomin: a fresh addition, has a little bit of a different make up. It is considered the “pure” form of the botulinum toxin as it doesn’t contain accessory proteins, reducing the already small risk of allergic reaction or resistance. With this lack of protein stability, the product can wear off quicker than botox and Dysport. Xeomin takes about 5-6 days to kick in.

With all treatments, side effects can happen. These include ptosis of the eyelid or eyebrow, a heavy forehead, unevenness, bruising, and swelling at the injection site. With an experienced injector, the risks of these side effects can be minimized. Be sure to do your due diligence when finding an injector that you can trust.

While the injectors at medical aesthetics on Tremont do not have a “favorite” we offer all three of these products to meet each individuals needs.

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