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Kickstart a skin makeover!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

When we look at our skin in the mirror and notice it’s time for a change, often we think to head over to the spa to get a facial. Facials, including the HydraFacials, are great ways to kickstart a skin makeover. Estheticians can administer treatments that utilize powerful exfoliants and unique tools that can’t be done at home. But the biggest changes are seen when you invest in a solid homecare routine.

You spend one hour in the office, but every morning and night with your products. Using high quality, professional products will prolong your results. We can compare this to a fitness journey. One long session with a personal trainer is not all you need. You need to keep up the hard work at the gym with regular solo workouts to get results. The same is true with skincare.

There are three products to begin with that will help you get on track to having beautiful skin everyday.

Facial Wash

Facial wash should do more than just cleanse. For dry skins, we can cleanse with a creamy cleanser to soothe. For the acne prone, cleansers can disinfect and treat


Retinol is a proven ingredient to help normalize skins cells. That means better collagen and elastin production, more even complexion, regulated oil production and more. Every skin can benefit from retinol


The dryest skin to the oilest need a moisturizer. Without a moisturizer, the water in our skin and the products we put on before will evaporate.

From there, we can customize your routine with more targeted treatments to address your specific concerns. With a good homecare routine, you will be working every day and every night towards your perfect skin.

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